We met Paul a couple of years ago.  He operated on my partner performing a variocele embolisation.  We had been through 6 years of trying for a baby.  We’d lost 3 pregnancies, relatively late, had one failed IVF attempt and then following Paul Crowe’s procedure we had a successful round of IVF and now have a beautiful daughter.  We can’t thank you enough Paul for giving us hope where we literally had none left.  She’s everything we dreamed having a daughter could be.  The procedure itself was pain free, quick and my partner recovered quickly.  Despite being advised against the procedure by our fertility consultant who didn’t believe it would make much difference, my partner’s abnormal sperm head morphology went from being 100% abnormal to 98% abnormal.  A small increase but obviously enough to make ALL THE DIFFERENCE.  Thank you.

Vicky, Bruce and little Maya

15 months ago Dr. Crowe fixed a varicocele for me due to me having a low sperm count, I am happy to say I am now writing this with my 9 day old daughter sleeping next to me.  I am in no doubt that if it was not for his skill at being able to fix the varicocele where others had failed I would not be  a Dad right now.

Stuart, age 35, London

“It was amazing to watch inside my own body on the monitors! I went home after 3 hours and was back at work the following day.”

Mark, age 31, Birmingham